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There were several events typical of predictive programming. The WEF October 21stmeeting and the Great Reset was one (1). Here in Britain the orchestration of central, NHS and local responses to a respiratory disease suggested that plans were laid before the Wuhan outbreak was announced on the 12thof December 2019. For instance, the title of a most complex and lengthy bill nodded through in 48 hours in the Mother of Parliaments, was ‘The 2019/2020 Coronavirus Bill’. This would have required drafting lawyers and committees of MPs to crawl over this miscarriage for at least a month or so pre-Wuhan.

The author spoke of an apocalyptic atmosphere being engendered by the ‘hype’ attached to this recent addition to the ubiqitous corona virus family, first characterised in the 1960s. That it was probably ‘engineered’ ie not of natural origin by mutation, might have been an excuse for more fear than logic determined. There was a feeling of ‘End Times’ under a blackening sky; an inevitable spiral into the failure of systems with increased suffering and loss, especially for that large majority world wide who live hand to mouth. The author feared, and still does, that under the vast and masked distraction, and without the possibility of publics gathering in protest, a long planned attack on Iran was in those many psychopathic minds. (2) The latter are the zealots for destruction of other humans calling a nuclear weapon ‘tactical’.

The strategy has been to scare a large majority out of their remaining wits, and to keep repeating the big lie – that Covid_19 (C19) is very infectious and likely lethal. Every body set up to drive the policies, and there are hundreds, has been corrupt. The Chief Scientific Adviser, Vallance – previously of Pfizer, allegedly still owning £600,000 of shares in this firm with a criminal history in the USA, is one glaring example. And Professor Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer, is based at the London School of Medicine and Tropical Hygiene, which is said to receive large donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The corruption and mendacity is vast in scale, but ‘they’ press on without any accountability and ‘laugh in the faces’ of those who know.

The gullibility is extraordinary in most, and obedience almost complete. Nine months from the start at least half the shoppers in the local country towns are masked as they move about or queue observing anti-social distancing. Some ride cycles in brisk winter weather with faces muzzled. Attempts to tell the wearers that they will have varieties of bacteria and viruses in the culture medium within the gauze are met with blank eyes. That some species in the masks which are fingered constantly, tucked into pockets and removed for every encounter, are probably pathogenic, evinces no reaction. The Behavioural Insights Team (3) will be measuring compliance via the masks as seen in CCTV footage at supermarkets, petrol stations etc. With the same title exactly in the US, these psychologists of the mass mind will know how the mask has many benefits for control of the polity. De-personalization, submission, stifling of speech, and anonymity are some of the gains as perceived in the fascist mind.

Fascism – the author’s definition - the subjugation of the individual's will and freedom by an overweening state. Humanity withers, freedom of speech is stifled and the soul dies. Self preservation becomes a dominant drive.

The suffering is largely silent, and the complacent middle classes spend time ordering their food on line for home delivery. The print and broadcast media is in lock step, the main message being that there are many thousands of ‘cases’ or ‘infections’ each day – conflating the many positive RT-PCR ‘tests’ (4) with disease. Many are oblivious to this obvious lie. Their ductility is ensured by their lack of logic, inquiry and a desert of information. ‘Funny’ money dished out, pacifies the many and memories are in milliseconds. That ‘austerity’ was enforced after the exchequer baled out the banks with an amount equal to five years worth of NHS spending - £540 billion, in 2008 is not remembered, and the consequences of a record National Debt now does not hit home.

The current situation in this ‘demi-paradise’ is of accelarating fear and ever closer surveillance and control. This is the BBC ‘news’ today (5). “Covid-19: Concern at 'unprecedented' infection level in England”. ‘The mutant strain of C19 is very ‘infectious’ and the ambulance service and the receiving hospitals are being overwhelmed.’ There is no let up in the lying; the evil of it tends to overwhelm the conscientious.

Locally, in Devon, are these things true?

a. Is there a bounty to some health authority if C19 is on the death certificate – as was the case in the US?

b. Did the relative dying of a ruptured aneurysm in hospital have C19 put on his death certificate?

c. There was an accident on the coastal road in Torbay. A car rolled over and the road was closed, It was said the driver had just driven away from the English Riviera Centre where a C19 ‘vaccine’ had been injected. What are the facts?

But all is not lost. At present it can be said that if the British were in 1939, what the morasse is like now, Hitler would have walked straight in.

But there are many who see through the propagandare nero,and as poverty bites, the trampled will resist more and a revolution of the mind will restore the freedoms and the common sense. This was Trafalgar Square in late September (6)










UPDATE - 7am GMT 29-12-2020


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