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This letter was kindly published in the above local paper 21-10-2021.  I omitted, for space, this - When a doctor hears a patient with full attention and obvious empathy, the patient is lifted up.  The hands of the doctor have taken those cares into himself, and shown that help is at hand, with relief from pain or distress.  If those hands are then used in the examination that lightening, that transference, is further enhanced.

The reader will note the final paragraph.  Today HMG announces, via the ex-banker Sunak -   'The UK economy is 'back on track'.  In our family, as in many, to lie was a cardinal sin.  

Letter to MDA 18th October 2021

Dear Editor,

As a doctor first, and surgeon second, who was educated at St Mary’s W2 and qualifying in 1964, I need to respond to the article in last week’s MDA entitled ‘Trialling blood tests which could detect cancer earlier’. There is obvious irony.

Months ago it was noted that as a result mostly of HMG’s policy in reaction to Covid_19 there were at least 300,000 humans in the UK waiting to be seen with symptoms of potential cancer. A good many would have had cancer within them. For most cancers, time is of the essence. Delay in diagnosis means advance of those cancers in a majority, and when and if they came to the specialists, treatment would need to be more complex, suffering greater and eventual death more likely.

Negligence vis a vis 'Covid_19'. E-mail to BMA – last 9.48 hrs 22-10-2021

I question whether RT has noted my letter to the BMA.  Same day - me 2.13 pm   RT 17.48


Quote - Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) itself is a rare nerve disorder that can cause paralysis, but recent data has shown the likelihood “of a possible association” to the vaccine “has strengthened,” according to the regulatory agency.

Of the millions who have received the AstraZeneca vaccine, there were 432 reports of GBS possibly stemming from the vaccine. There were 50 similar cases reported for the Pfizer vaccine.

My attempts at analysis.  And note also that the 4 recorded deaths (?all reported and ?? autopsies performed) will be greater, because some of these will be on ventilators, and will die off or on them.  That is - lesions at T3 spinal segment level or above.  GBS - does follow certain infections, vaccinations or without a diagnosed trigger.

The total number of NHS hospital beds in England, including general and acute, mental illness, learning disability, maternity and day-only beds, has more than halved over the past 30 years, from around 299,000 in 1987/88 to 141,000 in 2018/9, while the number of patients treated has increased significantly.

Say 130,000 beds now.

As usual - auto message only.

Spotlight BBC SW,   3-10-2021  1.53 pm

Before you pump out more stuff re 'boosters' which will certainly harm more proportionally - or lead to death, I ask you to view this from the US Senate 'Health' Committee.  This sent from Dr Roger Hodkinson in Canada, a British qualified doctor, a GP previously and a pathologist more recently. Hounded by the medical authorities there for dissenting, along with doctors  Stephen Malthouse and Charles Hoffe.  Senator Rand Paul, a qualified doctor and opthalmologist  >

He infers some general benefit from the 'vaccination' which I do not share, but he deals properly with acquired natural immunity.  (See point 3 below)   He refers to over 100 million US C19 infections.  This is likely but some 'statistics' skewed by bounties given for a. diagnosis ? most based on the RT-PCR test b. on death certificates (as common in the UK) c.  a large bounty if C19 diagnosed and on deleterious mechanical ventilation - in general.

Senator Rand's highlighting of the absence of scientific and medical qualifications in the chairman - a lawyer, of this Senate Health Committee, apply to you Mr Woolvin.  But the SW region's BBC choose you to parrot that which P'H'E, the 'NHS', BBC at its centre and No 10 spew forth.

 Open letter to Dame Clare Marx DBE DL, FRCS SFFMLM, Chairman of the General Medical Council of GB, and Mr Matthew Statham – legal adviser to the GMC in the case of Mr Mohammad Iqbal Adil FRCS Ed (Case numbers C1-2743335318 and C1-2689071882 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and to Mr Ryan Simpson. To be posted on

Dear Madame,

I wrote to you as a fellow doctor and senior surgeon about a friend, a tyre fitter, who had been severely injured by inoculation of the Astra Zeneca ‘vaccine’ on March 10 th . Although he knew I advised against this as being unnecessary, untried and likely harmful, he dearly wanted to see his father in the care home who he knows has not long to live. He had several symptoms, and signs I recorded later, indicating the well defined ‘inflammation’ of the vascular endothelium. This partly involves ‘consumption’ of platelets as you will know and is expressed in the oft reported thrombocytopenia. The general practitioner whom he ‘phoned would not see him about the rash in particular and dismissed any connection with the ‘vaccine’. You may also know that some victims exhibiting his symptoms and signs have gone on to suffer organ failure and death. The D dimer test in these has shown active pathological thrombosis – as in those suffering sagittal sinus thrombosis with stroke etc. He has recovered almost  ompletely over the six months as I was very glad to find when he repaired a puncture in a tractor tyre last Thursday.

This is the letter which was sent to the London office of the GMC and collected from the mail centre (due to Covid_19 prescriptions) and signed for with a scrawl. I have not had the courtesy of a reply.

I will deal briefly with the highlights of the GMC actions against my friend, a competent general surgeon with a particular skill in laparoscopic surgery, who has served in OUR NHS for 30 years without recorded fault and with warm testimonials by colleagues in hospitals where he often served for months at a time. He had, prior to locum tenens work, held a substantive post at Milton Keynes for 8 years. removed at 7pm tonight

6.50 > minutes - 9.20

Dear Mr Woolvin,

I avoid the State Broadcaster as you know, and sample your black propaganda just occasionally.  As last evening.

Note - there is no scientific basis for anything you said.  'Cases', and the conflation of the BBC and PHE's figures with clinically diagnosed disease, continues to be the central ways in keeping some people obsessed with Covid_19, and a good many in fear - an aim minuted in a SAGE minute in April 2020.

The figures will have come from a rag bag of 'laboratories' but some from good ones in DGHs, without knowledge of cycles used.  You cite the reduction of cases currently on ventilators as being an indication of the value of 'vaccination' - with 72 % of the GB population, allegedly, having had both inoculations.  Mechanical ventilation is contraindicated for the lung disease of C19.

I will repeat this - an indication of the lack of probity in the whole, and expressed well by the continued lying of the BBC.  My wife Susan was recruited randomly for a swab - probably for an RT-PCR test, by Imperial College - funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  (Some said it was to increase the base for the stidy of the human genome.)  She did not open the capsule with its double ended swab within.  2 days later she received an e-mail from Imperial saying she was negative for C19!!