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There are many reasons why myself and my wider family will not be volunteering to have the Covid_19 ‘vaccine’. There were good reasons for the first – smallpox (vaccinia) , where cowpox was found to protect against the grossly disfiguring and often fatal former disease. There were also reasons for us receiving diptheria vaccination as children, another potentially fatal disease. Sometimes, a courageous general practitioner would have to save the life of a child who was being asphyxiated by carrying out an immediate tracheostomy in the home. We could discuss vaccination for measles, mumps and rubella. The first can kill occasionally and cause lasting ill effects in the lung especially, the second can cause ‘orchitis’ - inflammation of the testicles and lead to infertility, but it can also cause inflammation of the brain – encephalitis. I saw this in a young boy when I was doing a GP locum soom after qualification at St Mary’s Hospital in 1964. And the third, German measles, can cause devastating harm to the unborn baby if the mother, with no acquired immunity, suffers this viral disease in the first third of her pregancy.

In my second ‘house job’, when working for a wonderful and human John Steven at Paddington General Hospital, I recall that his daughter, then a young adult, was stone deaf as a result of her mother contracting the apparently mild disease of rubella in pregancy. This was a well known risk.

Older GPs would advise adolescent girls to ‘get’ rubella so they had naturally acquired immunity. This is a reminder that homo non-sapiens has got to the ‘Year of Our Lord’ 2020 after many thousands of years because we have wonderful systems which protect us from the harm of those bacteria and viruses which can be pathogenic ie capable of causing us to be ill or even die. This is shared with all the animal kingdom. And it emerges that plants and trees have protective systems as well.

So, we have the wonderful benefit of vaccination arising from an observation by Edward Jenner in the 1796. He was a family doctor serving people around Berkeley in Gloucestershire. And we have the knowledge of mammalian immunity with the key response of antibodies being made within us in response to antigens – either natural, manufactured or injected, as well as T and B cells. I was privileged to be taught this at St Mary’s in our pre-clinical training 1959-60, before we went onto the wards – and clinics. Our teacher, and he was superb in that art, was Professor Ken Porter, the son of a railwayman and the later recipient of a Nobel Prize – a variable accolade.

Anyway, there was to be a debate on the mixture of law, advice and instruction in the Mother of Parliaments on Tuesday of last week, the 1stof December. It would be inhibited by anti-social distancing so less than 50 of over 600 MPs would be on the green benches, and a majority – poosibly, on ‘Zoom’, Skype or a bespoke alternative. Our MP Mel Stride was to take part I understood and he had exhibited some scepticism. Other MPs like Richard Drax - South Dorset had been outright in their condemnation of the whole shebang. About 6 weeks ago, and in 90 seconds he hit the big nails on the head. Like every truth about this plandemic, this was censored within 24 hours. That gives the lie. The censorship of dissenting voices, and especially of experts, has been absolutely ruthless.

I wrote by e-mail to Mel just after 8am that day. I also phoned his office both at Marsh Barton and at the HoC. I never got to speak to a human; I wanted to discuss the current agenda, including the ‘pan-vaccination’ with our MP, having a good knowledge of the science and that which is pumped out by the broadcast media in every hour. The current gigantic lie is the association/conflation of a +ve RT-PCR test with the words ‘infection’ or ‘cases’. This inaccurate test for fragments of RNA was never designed to be diagnostic of actual disease.

In the intervening 7 days I have had no contact from Mr Stride, but this is familiar. My web site has 32 records of one way ‘communication’. For those with computers, I have recorded facts and my analysis given to him in posts on my own website -

The essence is written above. There are more unrecorded attempts to connect with him. The word ‘unaccountable’ jumps out, and my oft written ‘illusory democracy’.

I leave you, incidentally with my definition of ‘fascism’. “The subjugation of the individual's will and freedom by an overweening state. Humanity withers, freedom of speech is stifled and the soul dies. Self preservation becomes a dominant drive.”This was part of a speech to 300 + in Totnes Town Hall in 2010. Title ‘The Zionist Agenda: Dr David Kelly: The Propaganda of the BBC. It was on Youtube in 5 segments – about 45 minutes. Only the first segment remains!

Finally – a country that stood against the greatest evil in 1939 with great courage, energy and ingenuity, is reduced to this. In ‘Tier 2’ you can drink in a pub if you have a substantial meal. Sue and I have lighter appetites. A pasty is NOT such, but a Scotch egg fits the bill as being ‘substantial’!