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Good news. E-mail to local pubs and hotels, and the Chief Constable. He has an unenviable job - between the 'crime commissioner and the No 10 junta'

Dear local hotels and pubs, and Chief Constable Sawyer - with respect,

I have written at least twice over the last 8 months encouraging you to stand against fascism (att my definition ** and see below), slid in through a long held plan.  This is not 'conspiracy theory'.  Find out about the 'World Economic Forum', its meeting with others in October 2019, and the lead WEF psychopath 'Professor' Scwab.

Search UN - New World Order - and at least see the intro in this official 'United Nations' ' website.  One feature, along with others like unprecedented and ruthless censorship, is that it is 'all in our faces'.  They laugh in our faces just as they measure much, through for instance, the Behavioural Insights Team lead by Dr David Halpern in Westminster.  (Formerly ensconced in No 10 but now too big for that.)  All that CCTV footage in a country with more CCTV than any other 'democracy', that will show 99% of a gullible and timid public wearing filthy masks/Petri dishes as they queue - anti-social distancing at the food monoliths or the petrol stations.  (eg Trago where the diesel fuel for my Hilux - for logs to customers, is 10% cheaper than the rest).

You might not have had to put up with interception of your post or the blocking of some e-mails, or much else, as I have had (going way back to the Dove and Dolphin Voyage to Gaza 1-02-2003)

BUT the time has come to shed timidity and blind obedience where there is no 'science' but only control - ever being advanced, as for instance in the constant stream of ridiculous rules.  eg  Pasty verboten, but Scotch/Sturgeon egg OK.   All measuring public ductility.

See the link below - Allegedly - 50,000 Italian restaurateurs are giving a Roman V sign to their crumbled government.  Please join them.  Sue and I like having a bite and a drink in a pub or hotel.  As for the latter, there are three good hotels within 2 miles of where I write.  One about 200 yards.  And above, on this glorious morning, stands Haytor Rocks, with all the beautiful greys and dun colours of this Dartmoor all about.  (I am grateful that the black and yellow police helicopter is seldom seen now, expending aviation kerosene paid for by us.)

My most recent publication

for truth  and now our lovely garden, we are very fortunate

David Halpin MB BS FRCS

**    2nd May 2010 to an audience of c.300 in Totnes Town Hall.

 Title  "The Zionist Agenda. Dr David Kelly.  The Propaganda of the BBC"   Only the first segment of five is available (talk lasted about 46 minutes) Youtube making certain this year that one doctor/surgeon's concern for his fellow man is silenced.



Disobedience is spreading!


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Stay true, brave and... sane!

—John C. A. Manley

P.S. Please share this email with family and friends — including all the friends you've lost since speaking up against the nutty new (ab)normal.



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John C. A. Manley has spent over a decade ghostwriting for medical doctors, as well as naturopaths, chiropractors and Ayurvedic physicians.

John publishes the COVID-19(84) Red Pill Posts – an email-based newsletter dedicated to preventing the governments of the world from using an exaggerated pandemic as an excuse to violate our freedom, health, privacy, livelihood and humanity.

John is also writing a novella Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story that should be released for the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 hoax.